Wow, I am really stuck in life ……

The best I can figure is that I am in the middle of a struggle, for me a mid-life crisis, and I need help.

I am really stuck in life.  Really, really, stuck.  The good news is that my struggle has not taken me down one of the self-destructive paths (no Corvettes, hair plugs, T-shirts that are too tight, etc) that can often happen to someone at this point.  However, I am really lost, really stuck, really.  See the truck above to see what I mean.

I am at that point (mid 40’s) where the luster has worn off life, and I have started to see that what the masses are pursuing in life is meaningless.  Utterly meaningless.

So here I sit, with no direction, stuck.  Everything I have been guided towards (by advertising, peers, etc.) is pointless.  So, what do I fill this vacuum with?  What motivates and drives me at work today?  Currently this motivation is coming from nothing other than the $ to meet my basic needs (These needs are significant as I have a family, and a larger one at that.)  However, this does not make for a fun work day.

It’s like the rug (chasing the typical American dream) has been pulled out from under me and I am still laying on the floor.  When you are young (pay attention if you are young, I so wish someone had shared this with me), you always rely on the ‘hope’ of the future.  But at my stage, that future is now 50% gone, and I blew the first 50% mindlessly chasing the same dream as everyone else.  What do I do for my second 50%?  Continue to follow the masses, like a sheep?  Try to change?  But how do I know I won’t simply change to a new pointless path, just a little bit sexier than the last?  Creating this future, not mindlessly just letting it happen, is what we are going to explore.  I don’t have a plan figured out, but I need to take control.  This will probably cover a number of topics*.

If you are at the beginning of your journey, awesome!  Maybe you won’t wait until you are 50% of the way to start to figure this thing called ‘life’ out.  If you are nearer to the end than I am, hang with me, this search is way too important to get hung up on the time that has passed.  It is always a good time to start.  No matter where you are, I need you.  I am stuck.

My situation is pretty complicated, and also, it’s not at the same time ….. which I am not even sure I understand right now.  I am probably the one complicating it.  I think those last two sentences pretty much prove that it’s me.  So hang in there for the ride.  But if anyone in the world ever reads this (I have started this blog really for my own ‘therapy’ and to find the missing ‘direction’ more than any other reason) you might be looking for your direction too.  Glad to have you here.  Not because misery loves company, but because we are not going to stay where we are at.  We simply can’t.  I can’t continue like this.

Let’s begin the journey.

– I Am Stuck in Life

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(I will credit many people, websites, etc. that have helped me start this journey, and wake up from the Matrix that I was in.  The first credit is Live Your Legend.  I have started this blog in response to their Start a Blog Challenge.  Thank you LYL!)

*Topics that will probably be covered:  Struggles, Finances/Early Retirement, Mindfulness & Fear, Simplifying, Travel, Family/Kids, Board Games.  I know, Board Games don’t really fit, but they rock!

2 Thoughts to “Wow, I am really stuck in life ……”

  1. It sounds like you’re at a really exciting turning point – although maybe it’s not so exciting for you at the moment, it seems like you’re headed towards something good.

    1. Amanda:

      Thank you, you are correct, it’s a roller coaster for me right now. But, it does feel good to get it out there and discuss it. This has been beating me for far too long.
      Thanks for reading!

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