Why in the world does anybody buy THIS? I have the answer!

Vomit, yup, that’s what it was, it was definitely vomit.

Sorry, I should back up first.  Let’s start with something I can’t understand.  Flavored sparkling water, it’s all the rage now.  I think St. Croix was one of the early perpetrators producers of it.  This is a few years back and I really didn’t know what it was, so I tried one.  What the heck is going on, what was that taste?  Yup, that’s what it was, it tasted pretty much like someone vomited into my mouth.  It was horrible, and now when I meet someone, and they tell me that they like St. Croix, I have to slowly and methodically repeat to myself:  ‘Maybe they have new flavors, and either way, this does not make this person a bad person.’  🙂

While I may be one to have opinions, I am always open to revise them.  So, in the years since my first St. Croix, I have tried additional sparkling waters.  I have even tried St. Croix again, despite that first episode, and I was rewarded with another, different vomity flavor.  So today, on the counter at work, sits a bunch of Ice Mountain Sparkling Black Cherry water, with a sign that says FREE.  Most of the time I now run away from anything free, we are really trying to simplify our lives.  But, here was an easy opportunity to continue my experiment, and maybe finally figure out how people like this stuff.  So, I grabbed one, determined to drink the whole thing.  Here’s what I learned.

  • Flavored sparkling water tastes terrible (across all brands, flavors, etc.)
  • Flavored sparkling water does NOT quench your thirst.

So, why do people drink it, if it serves no purpose, and is not enjoyable?

  • People are weak, very weak.

If you drink flavored sparkling water, you are probably pretty offended right now.  Good.  You should be*.  I am offended too.  But a spade is a spade, and the truth is the truth.  As a reader recently commented:  Rule 1:  People are stupid.  Rule 2:  Never forget, YOU are people.  So, when I say people are weak, it’s because I am deep in battle with this weakness daily**.  So, back to the water, the only reason I can fathom for drinking this stuff is because you don’t want to drink pop.  You have decided the sugar of regular pop is not good for you, or that the chemicals of diet pop are not good for you either.  Good for you!  But you can’t just simply quit and drink water, so you buy this repugnant beverage to try to fill the need for the pop.  

Just to be clear, in case you missed it, no, I don’t drink flavored sparking water.  So why do I care about this?  I am people, and I struggle with this same weakness is a number of other areas.  Every day I do some of the things I should, and I don’t do a lot of the things I should.  If I make a decision to lose weight, I may start out doing good.  But soon, something happens that knocks me off my track, and I eat the things that I don’t want to.  If I decide to get going on a project, I get started off on a good foot (which I think would be my right foot.  There is nothing wrong with me left, but if I had to pick a good foot, I would go with my right.)  Then someone confronts me with a ‘hot item’ and I let that knock me off track.  This is a huge problem area for me.  I plan the day, and surprise, things don’t go exactly according to plan!  So, once this distraction is over do I get right back to the ‘plan’?  No.  I let myself wander from email to email or fire to fire.  I see the day as ‘wrecked’ since I can no longer fully complete the plan, so I throw out the rest of the day!  This makes about as much sense as drinking sparkling water!!!

I have things I know I stand for, and things I want to make sure I pass on to my kids.  But during a day, I may act on these things, and I may not!  I may piss the time away instead of doing the things I should do.  As I stated in my last post.  I am my own worst enemy.  If you select my ‘Journal’ category you can follow the struggle.  I think others have this same struggle, so I am hoping they can benefit from joining together (please comment below!), instead of simply hiding the issue as society encourages us to do.  I don’t think I am alone in this, see #1 in Marc and Angel’s post.  I believe as they point out that:  ‘The vast majority of our struggles are self-created, and we can choose to overcome then in an instant.’

Where is all this going?  Good question …. I should probably come up with a point over and above the fact that I simply cannot figure out flavored sparkling water …..  Yes, there is a point!  I need to master myself!  It’s going to be hard to follow ANY of the Rules for the Game of Life if I have no control over myself.  So, next I will discuss how I have fully researched and successfully lived out the 6 rules for mastering yourself.  No, that’s a lie.  Probably by now you have figured out that this blog is a little different, I don’t have all the answers.  But, I have a lot of questions!  Do questions count for anything, I have lots of those?  So, I need to really work on mastering myself.  Why?  For situations where I get angry, for situations where things don’t go according to plan, for times when my will power is low.  And if I don’t let go of my expectations for life, I will never be happy, no matter what happens.  I have some work to do.

*As I write this, I think, okay, maybe there are people that actually like sparkling water.  Maybe I am going a little overboard.  But then I take another sip …. nope, I am right on the money.  🙂

**My battle hasn’t been going well.  Today I am throwing down the gauntlet (to myself), if I recover today, the Pepper Scale stays as is, if I don’t, it’s back to Tepid.  I am seriously nervous writing this, I need to re-read this post today.  ‘The vast majority of our struggles are self-created, and we can choose to overcome them in an instant.’  I will post results after today.

6 Thoughts to “Why in the world does anybody buy THIS? I have the answer!”

  1. I don’t understand all the hype either. I think it’s a waste of money, and I don’t even think it has a lot of nutritional value.

    If I’m thirsty, I just drink water. If I want to taste something fruity, I just eat fruit. You can easily put fruit in water and make it flavorful too. Great post!

  2. Bottled water in general is a waste of money.. though I still will have some in storage for emergency. I know my grandparents like this stuff and we had some at our most recent family reunion.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts TTT

  3. You nailed it, Tamale. The bubbly water is a regular expense for me. Not for love if the stuff (it is awful) but it keeps me from soda. That’s less expense, less calories, and I still feel “as if” I had soda. As a fad, it’s ludicrous, but as a placebo for my need for carbonated drinks it works well enough. As I found out in Iraq and Afghanistan, endless quantities of bland water is depressing!

  4. Joe

    We like sparkling water, but not the flavored kind. We mix the sparkling water with orange juice and that works for us. Store orange juice is a bit too sweet. Anyway, we don’t buy it much. Usually just drink water, tea, and coffee throughout the day.
    Hey, I like uncle Dave tamale. The banana leave wrapper is so much better than corn husk for me. Nice.

  5. It’s used by people who want to lose weight. Because they don’t eat enough they stomachs are hungry. The fizziness in the sparkling water makes them feel less hungry

  6. Rachel Dyk

    Thanks for making me laugh today! Keep it up. And yes sparkling water does taste bad. It also cost money like Ms Frugal said, while there are others who struggle to even drink clean water.

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