Who is The Tepid Tamale?

The Tepid Tamale is in the middle of his life, and he is struggling.  He (who is me) is really Tepid.

When I was younger there was always the hope of the future.  Whatever is happening when you are young, it doesn’t really matter.  There is so much of the future ahead of you, that you think you always have time to adjust, and get things figured out.

Then suddenly, I was at the mid-point (statistically speaking) of life, and I realized that the time I had always depended on being ahead of me was gone.  I played the first half safe.  I followed along with what everyone else was doing.  In the moment that felt right, because blending in creates the illusion of safety.  Then I started to notice the statistics for the masses that I had been so pleased to fit in with:  divorce rates are high, happiness is low, no money saved, no time, always busy, lots of regrets, etc.

I realized that I have potential for so much more, and I have not been living up to my potential.

I am happily married, with a lot of great kids.  And now I have awakened from ‘The Matrix’.  So I have a lot of good going for me.  And, as they say in Monty Python:  ‘I’m not dead!’  But, I struggle with confidence, fear, time, focus, discipline.  There are some big hills to climb.

But, I am here, throwing myself out there.  And, honestly, I need you.  I have tried repeatedly to conquer those demons of mine on my own.  Toughing it out, etc.  There are a million reasons I haven’t been able to.  I haven’t wanted it enough, or maybe I am not doing what I should be, and on and on.  I have thought about it far too much, read far too many books and blogs.  It’s time to act, and I need you to keep my feet to the fire.  The Tepid Tamale cannot remain Tepid.

Where did the name come from?  Click here:  You like Tamale, Tepid Tamale?  No!  I like Hot Tamale!