Today – I stink

I stink.  Well, I don’t think I have a ‘strong unpleasant smell’, although I have been experimenting with showers and laundry ….. But you are distracting me, more on that later!  I mean, ‘I stink’ like ‘I suck’ or ‘to be disgustingly inferior’.

I have to call a spade a spade.  It doesn’t do me any good to continually beat myself up, but it’s equally dangerous to gloss over the truth.  This was one of my many takeaways from David Goggins interview on the Rich Roll podcast, “If you suck, you suck**.”  (A deep thanks to both of you guys!)  Once you realize this, you can deal with it and move on.  I struggled today, and I failed.  For today:  ‘I stunk’, ‘I sucked’.  I had a number of good days in a row, and then today.  This has often been the pattern.  I will think about it tonight, and see if there is anything that might have contributed to my slide.

Yesterday I was thinking about inching up the Pepper Scale graphic to the right.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t getting crazy and going to move it all the way to “Movin’ Up”, or anything drastic like that, probably only half way there.  Then, today happens.  Is this me sabotaging myself?  Is it something else?  I will reflect and get back to you tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.  (Is that good, or is that bad?  I guess that’s up to me!)

** I am sure some of you think David Goggins is being too harsh.  His next sentence:  “IF you tell yourself that you suck, that is when you become great.’

So:  ‘I suck’

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