The Little Picture – I am lying to myself

I am lying to myself.

It would be very difficult for me to start out with a post on the Big Picture, since the lack of a Big Picture is really the whole issue …… so I need to start with the Little Picture.  In the depths of my struggle I have read quite a few books, articles, and blogs on the web.  Who am I kidding?  I have flocked to books, articles and blogs.  They almost all have great information, but I am using them to distract me, and make me feel like I am moving forward.  Meanwhile, I am not moving forward.  I am lying to myself, empty action is not really moving forward.  I have more ideas than I can remember about what I need to do, I just don’t have the motivation to do them ……..  The energy of my youth is gone.

That’s where this blog comes in.  Hopefully announcing things to my imaginary audience will start to make them more real.

First Little Picture Conquest (LPC)Diet.

So, while I eat this, I am eating my last Pop-Tart at work.  (It’s too bad it’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon, I would have much preferred Strawberry, but I am at the mercy of the vending machine!)  I have to do this, because I know that a poor diet:

  • Mind:  Makes me feel worse and less motivated than I already am.  It contributes to the downward spiral
  • Body:  The affect it has on my body does the same thing – downward spiral (Not ‘The Downward Spiral’, that’s a NIN album, which I personally thought was a downward spiral when compared to Pretty Hate Machine, but I don’t think any of that applies here …. stop distracting me!)

Goal:  2 times per week where I am able to have whatever I want, bowl of ice cream, etc.  The rest of the time, a fairly clean diet.  Let’s see how I do!

Does anyone else struggle with motivation and just need to pick an area, and do it?  Is ‘Diet’ your choice?  If not, what is?

– I Am Stuck in Life

Note:  I am not sure how I will replace this ‘Good Source of 7 Vitamins & Minerals’ (See Picture above), but I am sure l can figure something out!  🙂

Note 2:  Wow, I just figured out what my 2nd LPC should be …….. more on that later, but as a hint, it will be very ironic!

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