The Temporary Table

[This is my first expansion of my post from April 12:  ‘Rules for the game of life’]

What would happen if we didn’t have really nice stuff?  What would happen to us?

I would guess, if we did somehow live through it, we would be super miserable.  Or is there something more to our happiness than our stuff?  While buying something does give us that temporary euphoria, if you wait, and the emotional impulse dies down, you can start to sort through what is really a priority to you.  I have a real life example.  I would like to say it’s because of how great we are and how cognizant we are about stuff and where meaning in life comes from.  But, we simply fell into this one …. But we can all learn from it!

We moved into a new house, one with an open dining area, that could accommodate a large table.  We had ideas about my making a really awesome, grand table expandable to entertain 12+ guests.  We had looked around, and never saw something we liked.  We love to entertain, and I also would love to call myself a woodworker.  So, me making the table seemed like the correct route.  But, we had to eat somewhere while I got ‘right to work’ on this masterpiece.  It just so happened that someone at work saw a new table at a thrift store.  It was missing a piece of trim wood on the side.  So we bought the $75 table for a temporary place to eat.  Problem solved, we can eat, and I can get ‘right to work’ on my masterpiece!

Then, getting ‘right to work’ didn’t really happen, we had 2 really young kids at this time (soon to become 5!).  Fast forward to today, it’s about 9 years later, and we are still using the ‘temporary’ table!  And all the things we really cared about, having engaging family meals, entertaining people, playing games, etc., they have all happened without any issues!  We have played countless games of Euchre, and countless board games.  We have deep belly laughed as our kids have shared their days at school over dinner.  We have hosted many dinners at our house, and simply setup a folding table to accommodate more people.  And all these things happened on that temporary table!  The masterpiece table of our dreams could have been there, or not, as was the case.  It was simply not part of the equation, while at the beginning we thought it was.

There has even been a bonus, we ended up with 5 daughters, and while they are not super girly, they do like to paint their fingernails on occasion.  Where can they do this?  Right at the table!  If they spill some fingernail polish remover on the table, who cares, it’s temporary!  If someone is 1 yr. old and while learning how to eat, bangs their fork on the table, who cares, it’s temporary!

As you can see in the picture, it’s gotten pretty rough, I should probably re-finish it.  Maybe, I will, ‘someday’.

You would be surprised with what you really don’t need to enjoy life.

Thanks again,

P.S.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story, after all a table needs chairs!

5 Thoughts to “The Temporary Table”

  1. Very fair point! Isn’t funny how we can function just fine without having the latest and greatest version of everything. it is easy to get caught up in the madness (buying) when you as a consumer, are advertised to in a certain manner. Anyway, off my soapbox and thanks for the read!


    1. The advertising is such a big piece of this. Not watching TV has a lot of benefits, with not seeing the advertising being one of the best. Suddenly I can decide what I need vs. being being programmed.

  2. RocDoc

    Great post! We have a temporary table too and we will never get rid of it. Family and friends who are no longer with us have shared meals with us at that temporary table. I’ll keep it scuffs and all!

    1. RocDoc: Absolutely, time teaches that the memories are worth so much more than stuff.

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