The irony – the internet is my second change to make

The internet, the two edged sword that allows me to be here, as well as haunts me daily.

Well, things have been humming along:

My first goal – Diet has been going pretty well.  I have maintained a pretty steady diet with only a couple of big splurges per week.  Since this seems to be on a good plane for a few weeks now, I probably should crank this up a little, soon, and loose some weight!  We’ll come back to that.

So it’s time for my second Little Picture Conquest (LPC) – The Internet.

Little Picture, but a BIG problem.  While I was writing the post on Diet, I referenced a Nine Inch Nails* album.  I promptly went off and read Wikipedia articles on Trent Reznor (Founder of Nine Inch Nails), Nine Inch Nails (The Group), the Downward Sprial (The Album) and then finally How to Destroy Angels (another Trent Reznor group) …… yes, I officially have a problem.  I need to eliminate my internet surfing.

The Goal:  I have RescueTime on my computer …. I need to have this at or above 80% Productivity for the day.  (Looking at that, it looks like I get to spend 1/5th of my time goofing around.  Honestly, that would be an improvement.  But lunch is about 10% of my day, and during lunch I can write these posts, read my blogs etc.  Accounting for that allowed for 10% leaves a 10% margin.  Hopefully I can start with this and then reduce it.)

This one is really big, I need to pull this one off.  I think I work for an hour or two and then spend 15-20 min. poking around on the internet.  By the end of the day this really adds up.  It’s not the correct thing to do for my employer, and it also contributes to the downward spiral since I know I am not doing what I should.

This is a habit I have grown so accustomed to, over time I have build this habit.  It’s going to be hard, but I will need time to destroy what I have built, ‘time will tell’ if I am successful!  (Cheer me on in the comments, I need it!)

Do you have any similar habits you need to tear down?  Is it easy for you?  (For me it’s inexplicably hard, fortified by years and layers of habits)

– I Am Stuck in Life

*Note:  Plus do not infer anything from my reference to Nine Inch Nails, I find many of their lyrics quite disturbing.  Their first album came out during my early college career, and the music really, really clicked with me at that point in my life.  You will learn that my mind has a way of wandering and jumping, and most of the time it means nothing!  That album just brings back fond memories, but am I remembering reality, or only the good things?  That would be a great topic for another day.

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