Rules for the game of life

Updated 6-7-17

Will you win or will you lose?  How will you even know?

Life can be thought of like a game.  This game has rules, whether or not you acknowledge them, or follow them, they still affect you.  For example, if you have ever thought something was ‘unfair’, it’s likely that you were simply not following the rules.  Like any other game, how you follow the rules determines whether or not you win.  Only in the last few years have I realized this and started to focus on these rules.  Some will likely vary somewhat for you, depending on how you define ‘win’, but I think most will be close.

Note 1:  These are not rules for the game called ‘Life’, but rules of the life you are living, but you probably already figured that out.

Note 2:  I am sure I will be updating this list over time as I live my own life, and learn from it.

Note 3:  Each of these points will become a post or series of posts.  I will give examples from my life or others, of how to follow these rules.  Me sitting around thinking about and focusing on my struggle hasn’t seemed to produced any results, don’t worry, I tested this out over the last 10 years.  So, I am hoping having to flush these rules out for you, will help me to live by the rules, and pull me out of my funk.  Let’s see what happens.  (Note:  It is slowly working, but there are up days, and there are down days.)

  • How to make money (Currently applies to a typical W2 job) – If you don’t think you make a lot of money – check here!
    • Work consistently
    • Respect everyone (even while disagreeing, or even when they are wrong)
    • Do what you say
    • Be on time
    • Result:  You will be miles ahead
  • How to keep money – Consume less!  (My first 25 years with money vs. The awakening)
  • How to grow money
    • Simple Index funds
    • Compound interest can change and free your life (use it now!)
  • Time is our most valuable resourceStay in charge of your ‘turn’ in the game
  • Fun is a state of mind
    • Have more fun:  it really isn’t that hard.
    • It does not require everything to be perfect.
  • Self
    • Doing ANYTHING on this list of rules, will be VERY difficult, if you don’t first Master Yourself(Click here for the start of my journey ….)
    • Your natural reaction will always be to think about ‘self’.
    • ‘Self’ actions bring euphoria (quick temporary happiness), but not joy or contentment.
    • Love more:  You really aren’t entitled to anything.  Be recklessly generous with everything you have.
    • You be the change you want to see.
  • Simplify – Have less weighing you down, since the simple things:
    • Easy to enjoy.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Cheaper to maintain.
    • Keep life efficient.
    • Result in less impact.
    • Result in more joy.
    • Make sure everything has a purpose.
    • Make sure everything has a place.
  • Food
    • One of the best ways to connect with people.
    • Sometimes it’s fun.
    • Sometimes it’s functional.
    • Don’t try to force one way or the other.
  • If everyone is going a specific direction, it’s probably wrong.
  • Experiences are more valuable than things.
  • It’s amazingly easy to love on someone – For example, bake someone a pie.
  • Worrying just isn’t worth it.
  • Question everything – most of what you do is tradition or influenced by others.
  • Why question everything?  Most of the people that you think are experts, aren’t.
  • Try to make everything efficient, and better yet, automatic.  After all, time is our most valuable resource.  (You can read about why efficiency is so important to me here.)
  • You may ignore the effects of your actions, but they still happen.
  • It’s a flat world, and your actions affect people and resources around the world.

4 Thoughts to “Rules for the game of life”

  1. It will be interesting to see you expand upon your “fun is a state of mind” topic. The older I get, the more I believe that to be true. It’s your attitude that determines how something goes, not how much money you spend.

    1. DJ,

      Thanks for the comment, you are correct. And while, I am not good at keeping the correct state of mind, my latest post proves how very true this is. The Temporary Table. By the way, I am looking forward to reading about 1,000 ways to save! (You can throw ‘Buy a defective dining room table on the list if you want to!).

  2. B

    Thanks, this is very excellent post here.

    Ive also read on your other posts, some pretty thought provoking. Keep on writing and fighting.

    1. B:
      Thanks for cheering me on, it is appreciated.

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