Quick update – Improving

While the path has been far from perfect, it has been going very good.  (Yes, I didn’t say ‘very well’, but instead ‘very ‘good’.  It may not be correct, but I just like it better being ‘very good’.)

I have guided myself back when fear has chased me away, and I have often stopped my bad behaviors in their tracks.  Getting myself back into the routines is really only difficult for the first 5 minutes, I need to remember this, so that I keep doing it.  Meditation or mindfulness, this is what I need to make a habit of.  I need to have a ‘routine’ that I go to when I start to feel fear, and try to retreat into the world of ‘entertainment’.  (Entertainment being social media, blogs, etc.  Yes, there is a lot of irony here.)   As I have witnessed above, if I don’t run away, it’s usually only about 5 minutes that the fear lasts.

How do I get this habit going?

– I Am Stuck in Life

(But I am starting to get some traction!)

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