I really amaze myself.  

This sounds great, but, unfortunately, this is not in a good way.  Here I am struggling with motivation, feeling fulfilled, etc.  However, I live like a king.  I have access to more food than I could ever eat.  I have access to more clothes than I could ever wear.  I live where I am protected from wind, rain, snow, and I can run around comfortably in my underwear while it is 0 degrees outside.  (I don’t get a chance to do this often as the kids frown on it 🙂 )  I shower in water that is cleaner than many people drink.  I buy colored water, flavored water, carbonated water, and fermented water, while many people just want clean water.  I can get in this crazy metal and glass box, and transport myself (and my junk) miles at a time, at amazing speeds.  (I actually prefer the bike, which I actually ride despite the fact it is worth $30,000.)  If I get sick, I have a team of expert doctors standing by to fix me.  If this wasn’t enough, even after all my needs are satisfied, I have the time and money to entertain myself.  I can go on trips, read, watch, play.  Pretty much I see that I live like royalty if I step back and view the world as a whole.  Yet, I sit here and struggle.

This isn’t to knock my situation, I think it is similar to a very mild form of depression (although as the Pepper Scale is showing, we are starting to heat it up a little).  Often, I will feel a certain way, even though I know I shouldn’t.  So, I’m not trying to beat myself up, but simply have compassion on myself, shift my perspective and help lift myself up.

I have the resources to help many of the people in this world who are struggling.  In fact, that’s what this blog is about.  I am hoping that sharing my story helps others who are struggling.  The problem is, if I am always focused on me, I will not get to helping others much.  I also know thinking, reading articles, thinking some more, reading some more articles, thinking yet again, etc. has not gotten me anywhere.  

I need some action, to pull myself up.  I have started this blog, and I hope it helps, both you and me.  (It’s ‘me’ and not ‘I’ here, correct?)  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

P.S. – As the image shows, according to http://www.globalrichlist.com/, with my income I am in the top ~.1% of the world’s wealthy!  Call me if you want to hang out!  (I’m kidding, if you haven’t figured it out, YOU are there too!  If you are reading this you are probably in the top 3% or higher!)

9 Thoughts to “I amaze myself”

  1. One of my mentors gave me really profound perspective on the topic. Your problems are still your problems and should be prioritized as such. I used to feel the same way you wrote about but it wasn’t doing me any good. I would implore you to reach to an organization where you can help other people like mentoring younger underprivileged kids, or visiting a nursing home to help out and then document it. Mine was going on several mission trips to inner cities and rural America. Just because you’re having those thoughts mean you care. Learn and grow from it

    1. K.P. Thanks for reading, and responding. I think you summarized it well. My problems are still my problems. Even if they are first world problems, they are still problems that I have to deal with. Although, having a perspective that they are indeed first world problems will really help me with how I deal with them. Thanks for the suggestion on reaching out, we do that, but probably not enough. Clean water is a passion of ours, and we focus there often. There are 2 struggles I have with this whole situation:
      1. How quickly I slide back into ‘Woe is me’ over my first world problems, instead of keeping them in perspective.
      2. How do I balance my giving with my saving for the future? (That’s a big topic, I should probably write on that, but not sure how to handle that one yet!)

  2. I took the quiz and I’m in the 0.07% which is mind blowing to me. Definitely makes you think what am I complaining about. I am doing better than 99.3% of all the people here on Earth!!!

    1. Mustard Seed: You are correct, I think putting things in perspective is very important. The goals are great, but in one sense we are already doing great. For me it helps me remember to not always focus on myself.

  3. Rachel

    I had a friend who had a “problem” (a project she spent hours working on was for some reason lost on her computer) and she described it as a Rich Lady Problem. So now, when I have problems, I like to describe them as my Rich Lady Problems, b/c it puts it all in perspective for me. And by describing my problems as such, motivates me to serve more, give more, and love more. I’m reading a book called, Love Does, by Bob Goff. Great book about doing instead of talking about it. Bob Goff is crazy and hilarious. He is a great example of living life to serve and have a ton of fun doing it.

    1. I like the phrase ‘Rich Lady Problems’! I have read Bob Goff, he is simply amazing, and crazy!

  4. If you have depression, you might feel miserable and guilty at the same time for feeling so miserable knowing there are more unfortunate people in the world. You might want to go out more and talk to friends. They will make you feel better.

    1. Ms. Frugal Asian Finance: Excellent advice! I do have a guys night tonight in fact, which is good. However, I do want to connect face to face with more people who are like minded in their pursuit of simplifying, consuming less, saving more, etc. It seems that they are not all the at common in the ‘real world.’ Hey, thanks for reading and cheering me on!

  5. I just discovered I’m in the top 0.08%. That’s really eye-opening. I sit and complain about my “first world problems” while there are people in the world that would laugh at me for being so spolied. Thanks for sharing and help put things in perspective.

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