Sliding backwards …..

Earlier I mentioned that I seem to have lot’s of emotional quick starts that then fizzle.  (We need to explore that emotional part later!)

This start has been above average and I have been doing pretty good for the last 2 weeks.  (Is this fueled by the fact that I am accountable for my actions here on the blog?  I hope so, that’s why I started the blog, to help me out of this pit!)  But, I have let my discipline slip, and I simply cannot allow this to happen!  I can see I am sliding backwards.  It’s easy to do since I was out of town for 5 days for business.  The trip itself was great.  The work project went well, and I was able to hike quite a bit in the evenings!  However, upon my return I have fallen out of my routines.  I have not fallen all the way back to when I started this blog, but I can see that I am on that path.  Why do I make this so blasted hard?

How do I handle it when I have a disruption to my routine like this?  Large disruptions like this, or small ones during a day?  I need to take the time to ingrain my new habits so that they are so deep (like my destructive ones are now) that they can carry me through these disruptions to my routine.

Right now I am very, very tie-red (my youngest daughter say she is tie-red).  So, I am writing this to spark me through the rest of my day.  Here I go!  Thanks for being here, I need it.  Give yourself a high-five.

– I Am Stuck in Life

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