Everything is on the road to junk!

Today’s topic: Rule of Life: How to keep money – Don’t spend it!

Everything is on the road to junk! Every single thing.

Everything you own, every single thing, is on it’s way to the garbage dump. Some things are going there quicker than others. I have kids, and people for some reason think kids need cheap sh!#. So many events we go to give my kids little bags of items that are only about 30 minutes from the trash can. (It’s great, even my kids are catching on and throwing it away themselves!) Your cast iron pan, your wedding ring, hopefully both are many, many years from the dump.

Why am I telling you this? I simply want you to think. Then next time you are purchasing something I want you to imagine a day in the future. Let me explain. Let’s use a theoretical example of a St. Louis Arch picture book, remember, this is theoretical. The day you are imagining is the day that your item is sitting on the garbage heap pictured above. There it sits, soggy now, some coffee grounds on it, and you are pretty sure it was touching that dirty diaper off to the right. You hear the beeping of the next dump truck backing up to bury it. This is your last glimpse at your item (St. Louis Arch picture book). For you, this item had a beginning and now, you are witnessing the end. You used it for a period of time.

So, was it worth it? Was the cost worth the value you received? You traded:

  • A portion of your life to earn the money
  • A portion of the environment
  • A portion of your future wealth (more on this next time)

to use this item. Then you stored and maintained that item, did it make your life better*? Did it make your life better than watching a kick a$$ sunset would have? (Hat’s off to my eldest, who made us all stop to watch the sunset last night). Yes, it may have sucked you in with a crazy picture of some guy on top of the Arch cleaning it with no harness! It may have appealed to your love of history, all theoretically again. But did it make your life better? Did it make your life better than (you really have to fill this in with what brings you joy):

  • A day at the beach
  • A campfire with friends
  • Snuggling with your kids

Curse you Arch cleaning guy! It did not. Theoretically of course.

So remember: Everything is on the road to junk. Even you. Make sure you enjoy the journey, and stop buying so much junk.

*Note: To evaluate this, you have to have a definition of ‘better’ for your life. I think we often complicate this and cloud it all up. Ok, at least I do. But, sit for a minute and think of the times you experienced pure joy in your life. Follow those thoughts, I think it’s easier to define what makes life ‘better’ than I often make it.

4 Thoughts to “Everything is on the road to junk!”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very apt! I’ve been recently thinking about all the stuff I have and although I think I don’t have a lot junk, I’m always so surprised when I have to pack and move from one place to another- it’s exactly then when I see piles of unwanted stuff. How the hell did that happen?!After all I’m not a big fan of shopping and hoarding things, right?! It’s gonna be an interesting observation again as will be moving in about 3 weeks or so. Yikes….!

    1. Karina:
      Yes, moving has a way of opening one’s eyes to how much stuff they really have. If we had to move right now, I am sure looking at all the JUNK I own would make me vomit. I checked out your blog, keep at the journey to within, and keep at the blog. For me it has been good for focusing and working through topics.

  2. Rachel

    Oh how true this is! I am a stay at home mom and I spend a good portion of my time moving worthless junk around. Kids make it rough, b/c other people give them the junk that I now have to move around. Also, I see the messages they receive from other people and it is not one of saving their money. Just today my daughter told me her teacher said to bring some money on a field trip to buy something at the gift shop. How about instead, he reminds them to bring a camera and take some pic that they can look back on? My favorite is the book fair at school. My children don’t buy books, they buy the trinkets that go where? You guessed it, the land fill. However, we will move those things around a few weeks, maybe a year before we get rid of it. For me I’d rather spend my time outdoors going for a hike!
    But what makes this even worse, is that while I am managing the junk, which costs money, costs resources, and costs time. There are people all over the world dying of hunger. We just have to teach our children differently.
    BTW, I really like your jacket choice, I think it will look nicely on you!

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