Drum roll please! (Quick Journal Update)

Just a very quick update:  The Pepper Scale stays.  What am I talking about?  In my last post, I had learned some great wisdom about how ‘The vast majority of our struggles are self-created, and we can choose to overcome them in an instant.’  But I wasn’t living it out.  It had gotten to a point where if I could not ‘get my act together’ I was going to have to bring the Pepper Scale back down to Tepid.  I had only recently been able to raise it from Tepid.  So now for the update:

The Pepper Scale stays!  It wasn’t perfect or amazing, but I pushed through.  I worked hard, felt the pull to distractions and busy work, but was able to sit for a minute, think about it, (an early form of meditating for me, thanks Leo!) and realize I was simply afraid, afraid of something I didn’t need to be afraid of.  Once I realize what was going on, I was able to turn myself back to my meaningful work.  (That’s one of the things that makes this so tough, I will often run to busy work.  What’s ‘tough’ about this?  I always make the excuse that I am still ‘working’, but I am really not working on what I need to get done.)

The Pepper Scale stays, now off to do it again today!  Thank you for the support!

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