Current Pepper Scale

Current Pepper Scale:  Movin’ Up

Updated 5-10-17 – Scale = Movin’ Up

This is a big day in Tamale Territory!

I have my best corn husk on, because it is official: We have raised the Pepper Scale! I know, it’s crazy right? I am sure you want to run out and tell everyone, but before you do, I will summarize:  I am nervous to put the Pepper Scale here. However, it’s been some time now that I have been less Tepid. I have been making decent strides at work, and on side projects, all while maintaining my family. There is still a lot of work to do, but I should recognize the progress that I have made.
So, now, I guess if I am no longer Tepid, I have to ponder changing everything over to the Movin’ website. ?


Updated 4-13-17 – Scale = Just above Tepid

This is the first official movement of the Pepper Scale!  I had a good day, and this morning was decent.  In the past I would wait for a good week before thinking about moving up the scale.  This has proven not to work, and the good week has never happened, just a few good days.  So, I’m reversing the trend.  I am moving the scale up slightly anticipating continuing to do well.

Updated 3-15-17 – Scale = Tepid

I am just starting out.  I am creating this blog because I need your help!  I heat up for a day, or maybe even three.  But, I cannot keep it up.  I have tried and tried to ‘tough it out’.  Maybe I need to keep trying, maybe I am trying the wrong things and need to do something different.  I just don’t know.  That’s why I started this blog as  I am really stuck.

So, here is this blog.  I will use it to try to work out my issues, and I hope that if others are struggling, we can work on this thing together.

Life is precious, we have to live it intentionally.