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Finances, wow, did we start out wrong on those!

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Birthdays – It seems like they come around every blasted year!

I just read a post from on Mustard Seed Money, which got me thinking, we have struggled a lot with birthdays. Why?  What could be wrong with birthdays?  They are happy, celebratory occasions, right?  Nothing is wrong with having a birthday and celebrating a birthday.  But, we are trying to raise our children to love more consume less have more...

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Should I re-define Early Retirement? At least for me?

I am late to the ‘Early Retirement Game’, so what does 'early retirement' look like for me? I just read this article, referenced in a post on Budgets are Sexy - Warren Buffet - The Original Early Retiree?.   I would agree that Warren Buffet is one of the first ‘early retirees’.  Everyone probably has a slightly different opinion of what 'early...