Busyness – My friend or my foe?

Busyness, while there is part of me that despises, and hates it, I think I need it.  Desperately.

This morning, I got busy at work.  The next thing I knew it was time for lunch.  I didn’t really have to work at focus, or motivation, etc.  I just stayed busy and let the current keep me moving.  I did have a plan so that I was working on things that were important, not just random emails, phone calls, etc.  If I can repeat working this well, in this afternoon, that will be a great day.  (***Update, I did repeat that afternoon, and the next morning, and for 4.5 half days now!  The is the BEST I have focused in a long, long time!)  If I can string 3 more days together like that for the rest of this week, that will be a week for the ages (It was!).  I will not have had that much success at work and a very long time.  And, I think the key is busyness, not letting myself start to wander and get into trouble.  Stay busy (on the right stuff of course).  Now, I am not such a fan of this at home, with my family.  I want to take the time to be with them, talk to them, connect with them.  This is very hard to do when you are busy all the time.  But at work, my focused busyness seems to be VERY, VERY good for me.

So, hopefully for you that means no more of these depressing updates where I am struggling, struggling, struggling.  (I will follow up with a post on ‘what I did’.)  Hopefully I can steady the boat and slowly raise the Pepper Scale.  (If I finish today strong, after a long weekend break, I will raise the scale.)  If this succeeds, and you are struggling and reading this later in my journey, don’t think I don’t understand you since I am no longer struggling.  I struggled on and off, quite often heavily, for the last 10+ years.  I understand where you are right now, and how much it sucks and feels helpless and hopeless.  If you are reading this after I have gone on and raised the Pepper Scale, well, I have not left you behind at all.  I have instead shown you that there is hope.  (I am re-reading this, getting ready to post, and the 10 years makes me realize how significant this moment is.  I can’t let up and get lazy, I have to be very, very careful if I am to succeed!  To think I have simply ‘fixed’ 10 years of bad habits is not realistic.)  

So, anticipating that we are going to move on here to start including other updates, I would like to announce something that I want to work on.  I will be posting with some of my financial ‘learnings’ over the last 3 years, and I might finally get around to Board Games too!  (We have been playing them a lot, it just seems like a lot of work to put together a post on them!  Plus, then you will know how geeky we are too …..)  My next targets to help keep me ‘busy’ as well as work on the Rules for the Game of Life with my family:  Etsy and a Children’s book.

Etsy?  Yup.  Here’s why.  First, we want to teach our kids about money, at an early age.  A few years ago we discovered that my kids could create cute greeting cards.  They would draw a picture on the front, and leave the inside blank.  My kids ranged in age from 6-11 at the time, and all their designs were unique, and made for a way more fun and personal card for someone to send than a store bought card.  We designed generic cards, as well as Birthday, Valentine, Mother’s day, Christmas, Graduation, etc.  People loved them, and we sold them at the local Farmer’s Market.  This didn’t go too badly, and was a great learning experience for the kids.  But, there is a pretty low limit to the number of cards we can sell at the local market.  There is also a limit to the nights we have available now that we have joined softball.  So, we also put the cards up for sale on Etsy.   It is going to be hard to teach the kids how to keep money if they don’t have any money.  It’s also going to be difficult to have meaningful lessons about making money and growing money if the money they have was simply handed to them.  Further, it’s proved difficult to get a job when you are 6-11 years old!  But drawing cards proved to be a way that they could earn money!  

So here we are, on Etsy.  I don’t know if you realize it, but Etsy is a really big web site.  So, a little store like ours, is sort of lost in the crowd.  We have made a handful of sales, but that is it.  So that brings us to this goal that will help to keep me busy:  Learn to sell on Etsy.  I want to be able to have the kids make money.  Also, my second reason:  I need to learn about online marketing.  I really need to learn for this blog, as well as my other project:  Writing a children’s picture book, more on that project later.  Thinking about having a more flexible working schedule in the future, I think online marketing is going to be involved in any path I choose.  I could be wrong in this, but it looks very likely right now.

So, help me out.  Where do I start?  How do I build up my Etsy sales???

🙂  Well, I guess one way would be this:  ‘Hey, you reading this, you should send out more cards, nothing shows you care in this digital world, like a cute handmade card.’   https://www.etsy.com/shop/5CrazySisters/   🙂

Ok, but seriously, it’s really deep sea of information out there on Etsy, does anyone have any suggestions?

3 Thoughts to “Busyness – My friend or my foe?”

  1. Rachel Dyk

    My family and I just got back from a long weekend vacation, so the next day after we got home, I had a lot of catching up to do. So the girls and I got to work. We had a long list to accomplish. Laundry, mow the lawn, vacuum, mop, clean out the kiddie pool, etc. At the end of the day (these chores only occupied a smaller portion of their day) my oldest who is 12 told me that she really liked getting stuff done. She said it felt good to accomplish so much and then asked me if tomorrow she can have a long list of work to do! How true this is even for me. We are wired to accomplish work and it feels good to do a good job. Getting stuff done is motivating as well. Keep up the good work Tamale!

  2. Hope you’re doing well, Tamale, and that no news is great news.

  3. I’ve just checked out Etsy- those cards are truly cute! And I love ‘5CrazySisters’ – such a cool name for the company 🙂 Brilliant idea to get the kids into entrepreneurship!

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