8 months later ….. Introducing The Tepid Tamale

I have been gone for the last 8+ months.  That’s because everything clicked into place perfectly.  It’s been so great that I didn’t really need to write anything here, and I can eat a bowl of ice cream every night and not gain weight!

Liar!  This is actually very far from the truth, including the ice cream.  The struggle has been going on for at least the last 10 years (I found some of my journal entries), and it did not magically just disappear in the last 8 months.  I am still deep in the struggle, deep.  While I have not magically fixed myself, all is not lost either.  During the last couple of months I have been writing quite a bit.  I have quite a few posts ready to go.  And there was something missing from my blog, something to make me memorable and at least a little entertaining.  I started with the blog iamstuckinlife.com, and while I am now keeping that, I have become:  The Tepid Tamale!

Why The Tepid Tamale?  Well, I needed something fun, something to bring a little levity to what can be a heavy topic at times.  Talking about being stuck, in a mid-life crisis, etc. is not always the most fun.  I don’t want to gloss over anything and make it seem all ‘nice and pretty’.  But, we can’t let it get too heavy either.  So, my daughter helped me draw up the Tepid Tamale.  I registered the domain name, and designed a logo.  Of course a part of the inspiration was having Tamale’s one day at work, and watching this:  https://youtu.be/xJk4ozazAQo?t=17s.  You like Tamale, Tepid Tamale?  NO!  I like Hot Tamale!  Hot, hot!

So The Tepid Tamale is born!  As I write this, the blog is about 80% ready to launch.  It’s not perfect.  However, that’s another of those areas in life where I struggle.  Do you just get something done, shitty, but at least done and out there?  Or, do you get everything perfect first?  This often prevents you from ever starting.  As I often find, the answer is somewhere in between, but where in between?  I am still waiting for the delivery of my magic crystal ball that would tell me where.  Still waiting …..

8 months, still deep in the struggle.  This time, I need to stay with you, sorry about that …. anyone else out there struggling?  Or does everyone just have a nice linear road to recovery?

One of those ‘life changing’ posts I wrote will be coming next!

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