Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known

Why do I make it so hard to succeed?

As I look over my last post I see that I reference that I was heating up a little bit, probably even a step up the Pepper Scale …… That post was about 5 weeks ago.  Today:  ‘Here I go again on my own,  Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known’.**  I am back to The ‘Tepid’ Tamale.  (Maybe I should have made myself The Hot Habanero ……  If only it was that easy.)

I have been in a pretty bad slump over the past couple weeks.  Mostly the mid-life crisis, the lack of direction, what do I want to do?  Who am I?  Should I be working toward something, or more focused on enjoying the journey?  But, if I decided to work on something, what would that something even be?

What finally pulled me out of this downward spiral?  The frustration built up, and then I re-ran across a post on New Escapologist:  Plan Your Escape!  So, I went through the suggestions, starting with the question:  What does it mean to live well?


What does it mean for me to live well?

  • Overcome my issues/shortfalls – Grow Up
  • Pay the bills without undue stress
  • Have freedom of time
  • Spend time outdoors (which means a warm climate …..)
  • Working on something of significance – (Need to define this ‘significance’)
  • Spend time with my family
  • Make life an adventure
  • Have challenges in life
  • Train my children to:  love, use their brains, create
  • Travel the USA, and then the world


What are the relevant factors that relate to my plans for the future?

Relevant factors

  • I have poor control of myself, mostly in the work environment
  • I have a lack of direction in life (means low motivation)
  • I have a lack of focus
  • I need $40k (+ health insurance) to pay bills for 12 months
  • I have about 6 months savings
  • I am good at learning
  • My spare time is limited.  I work full time, have a family, and am too old to sacrifice ‘everything’ now for ‘something’ later.

Stay tuned, as I move on to Third step, evaluating courses of action.  I have to remember, this is not my first slide back, there have been dozens.  I am only down when I stay down.  Have you ever fallen off your plan?  How many times?  What did you do?

– I Am Stuck in Life

** – Name that tune in the comments if you can!

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