Do I have to spend $200/month on hair?

Okay, okay, there have been lot’s of posts lately about my struggle.  While I am still deep in the struggle, let’s pull out of it for a day and head back over to finances.

I have 5 daughters, yup, you are correct, that is a lot of daughters!  First, it is simply awesome, they are amazing and I love them!  But, for someone looking to cut costs, save for retirement, etc. 5 kids may look like a hindrance to this.  Yes kids do cost money, they do eat, so I guess they definitely do slow down the retirement track.  However, just like with your life, you have a lot of say in how much they ‘cost’.  So, do you have kids?  If yes, how many?  You have to go with how you are wired.  How am I wired?  If I could choose to go back and not have kids and thus retire a lot earlier, it would not be worth it to me.  I was simply made to have these 5 kids.  So, don’t get hung up on my 5 kids, your 0 kids, 1 kid, etc.  Go with how you are wired.  I have no issue with or judgments for those who have chosen a different path than I have.  There, I am glad we got that out of the way, but, once again, you are distracting me, back to the issue at hand!

Back to the fact that I live with 6 women!  (Yup, I am living the dream!  🙂 )  And, I have often heard of women going to the Salon and spending $100+ on their hair.  What???  Wait, for us that’s:  $100 x 6 women x 4 times/yr = $2,400.  So, I need to have a budget line for $200/month for hair?!?  Well, I guess so, after all that’s what it is costing others to get their hair done

No!  Stop it!  If you see everyone around you doing it, it’s probably a stupid idea.  This is in my Rules of Life post.  (Why is this?  Wow, that’s a great question, and that will be a good blog post.  I have made a note to expand on this in the future.).  “Stop it?” you say, “But what other option do I have?”  That’s a great question.  What if I told you that there is a super secret ‘tool’ out there?  What if I promised you that using this ‘tool’ you could take advantage of the intersection of 2 amazing things?  You could both save money and help someone else!  What if I told you that using this ‘tool’ I have taken my ‘hair budget’ from the $200/month we discussed above, and reduced it to:  are you ready?  $0/month!  Yup, you read that correctly, we pay nothing for haircuts!*  That’s pretty cool, but it’s really not the best part, as great as it is.  It get’s WAY better!  

How can it get better?  Locks of Love!!!  There are kids that for various reasons, have no hair (usually alopecia areata).  As the website states:  ‘Many children have been teased by classmates and/or embarrassed by the attention they receive because of their hair loss. They often will withdraw from normal childhood activities such as swimming, going to the mall or even playing with their friends.”  You can and should read more about this amazing organization at: .

How does it work for us?  There is much more information on the website, but to summarize:  We called a local hair salon to see if they participated, and they did!  (We checked a 2nd one, and they did too, so I am hoping you can find one near you!)  My daughters and wife then get hard to work on growing their hair to a point where they feel that have at least 10” to cut off.  We go in, and the salon cuts it off!  They cut it off in a pony-tail (see their website again), but then trim it up nicely for you.  Then you mail the hair in!  Did I mention that the hair pieces they make stay on and allow kids to SWIM???  

If you are concerned about your hair and the style you will end up with if you try this ….. I hate to break it to you, but no one really cares about your hair.   Well, I guess you do, but no one else does.  Sorry to be the one to break it to you.  Anyway, head over to their site, read stories like:, and get a free haircut.  How does it get any better than that?

P.S.  The interesting question is does this excite you because of the money saving or the helping part.  Damn, I hate it when I ask questions like that!  Don’t worry, it’s fine to start being more exciting about the money savings.  First, the children still benefit from your donation, and second, once you start helping out, and reading stories about real lives changed, you will get more value than any amount of saved money.  Soon, you will see your motives have changed!  

*Note:  My haircuts are done with a $25 clipper by one of my daughters!

6 Thoughts to “Do I have to spend $200/month on hair?”

  1. Yep. To each his own. I plan on having 2-3 kids myself. We have one so far. Do they set you back financially? Yes. Mathematically speaking. But they do not set me back in terms of quality of life and what I envision for me and my family. I’ll just make more money. There’s a ton out there.

    1. You are so right, again for me, the quality of life improvement from my kids is absolutely amazing. And, with some thought and planning, just like in the rest of life, the expenses can be reduced significantly from the ‘standard’.

  2. RocDoc

    What a sweet and fun post! This story about the six wonderful women in your home donating their hair and saving $2400 a year in salon fees in the process was fabulous. Please give all those
    Lovely Ladies a big hug!

    1. RocDoc, I sure will, that is one of the high points of my day! Thanks a ton for reading!

  3. Rachel Dyk

    What a fun and easy way to help someone! Love it! What a wonderful way to teach girls how to serve.

    I just love your pics. (Even if Uncle was a bit embarrassing. The hot tub looks nice)

  4. My wife is thinking about cutting off 10 inches and donating to locks for love. I think she wants to grow it just a little bit longer so that she can style her hair a little bit more. But it’s a great organization and one that definitely deserves more attention. Thanks for sharing!!!

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