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Birthdays – It seems like they come around every blasted year!

I just read a post from on Mustard Seed Money, which got me thinking, we have struggled a lot with birthdays. Why?  What could be wrong with birthdays?  They are happy, celebratory occasions, right?  Nothing is wrong with having a birthday and celebrating a birthday.  But, we are trying to raise our children to love more consume less have more...

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Why in the world does anybody buy THIS? I have the answer!

Vomit, yup, that's what it was, it was definitely vomit. Sorry, I should back up first.  Let's start with something I can't understand.  Flavored sparkling water, it’s all the rage now.  I think St. Croix was one of the early perpetrators producers of it.  This is a few years back and I really didn’t know what it was, so I tried...


My worst enemy

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your two ears.” - Laird Hamilton Ever since the movie 'North Shore' I knew Laird Hamilton was cool.  I know in the movie, his character wasn't cool, but he was cool.  And somehow he looks the same now as he did then?  How did he pull that off?  I digress.  Man, he is right...